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15 maja - 8 czerwca 2019

Artyści Galerii IAGA w STALOWEJ

27 marca - 28 kwietnia 2019

Julia Curyło - Moje kosmogonie

14.11.2018 - 12.12.2018

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100 mirrors for 100 years of Independence

Birth-life-departure is the shortest history of each of us.

However, there are human life stories, which we have a duty to show, which must be popularized, which must be given to posterity as an example, which must be given to posterity as a signpost.

The world-famous artist photographer Czesław Czapliński devoted his life to this idea in order to protect it from oblivion and bring us closer to great and unique people from the life of culture, art, social, political and economic life. He did it and does it with great passion, courage, perspicacity, commitment and determination, creating a gigantic gallery of great people, huge individuals. Czesław Czapliński perfectly brings the images of “Mirrors” characters, their lives in space and time, with a maniac’s stubbornness. The “Mirrors” phenomenon makes us follow Czeslaw Czaplinski’s work, penetrate it and discover the image of the soul in the mental and timeless space.

The outstanding artist painter Piotr Jakubczak took on a gigantic duty of portraying characters photographed in the course of Czesław Czapliński’s life. Creating and processing images of faces and souls from photography is the part of the “Mirrors” project that surrounds the work with mystery and mysticism. I am not able to assess the significance of this unique project, “Mirrors”, carrying powerful cultural, documentary and artistic values.

The “Mirrors”, put together by the photographer and the painter, carry a huge intellectual, emotional and historical charge. The gallery of characters in “Mirrors” are milestones in the development and history of mankind, thought, art, material culture and social achievements.

“Mirrors” is the greatness and mastery of the artists Czesław and Piotr, as well as the titanic and uncompromising pursuit of the truth about this gallery of unusual characters, with timeless human features, these very indicators of life.

These artists fulfill the duty of the living to bear witness to the truth and memory for the present and future generations. “Mirrors” fulfil this idea in its entirety.

100 MIRRORS for 100 years of Independence is a manifesto and a pretext to show a rich gallery of great countrymen; a memorial work is being created, a witness to history.

The Kukuczka Gallery co-creates and authorizes the ‘Mirrors’ project in the organizational and logistic

sense, with the help of an excellent collector of cultural goods, Grzegorz Bachór. After completing the project, the album “Mirrors” will be released, which I encourage you to read right now.

As a reflection of the face.

As a reflection of the soul.

Jan Kukuczka, Skoczów on 07.04.2019