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Gabriela Pawlicka (born 1992)

Mustang 1 - CHOCOGOLD Series, 2021

electric kiln glazed ceramics, noble metal

33 x 18 x 10 cm

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About the artist

Gabriela Pawlicka (born 1992)

Born and raisedin Magdalenka. She graduated from the Jan Il Sobieski Secondary School in Warsaw with a degree in arts and humanities. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Faculty of Sculpture. At the turn of 2014 and 2015, she received a six-month scholarship in Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. She defended her master's degree in 2017 in the studio of Prof. A. J. Pastwa. She took part in numerous outdoor events and exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She has been involved in ceramics for over 10 years. She also deals with stained glass, drawing and applied arts.
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