§ 1 Introduction

1. The online store of STALOWA Art Gallery based in Warsaw, at Stalowa Street 26  (hereinafter referred to as the Store) operating at the address, is managed by:

P.W. Solo Krzysztof Fabijański

Mełgiewska 74

20-950 Lublin

NIP 712-005-03-00

REGON 004161728

Telephone/Fax + 48 81 746 58 33 lub +48 81 746 06 90

Account number for payments in PLN: PL 28 2030 0045 1110 0000 0284 0440 BGŻ BNP ParibasS.A.IV O/Lublin

Account number for payments in EUR: PL 58 2030 0045 3110 0000 0032 3630 BGŻ BNP ParibasS.A.IV O/Lublin



2. Gallery’s contact information:

STALOWA Art Gallery

Stalowa Street 26

03-426 Warsaw

Telephone + 48 22 380 3443

Fax +48 22 380 3343


Company – P.W. Solo Krzysztof Fabijański, Mełgiewska Street 74, 20-950 Lublin;

Gallery – STALOWA Art Gallery, Stalowa Street 26, 03-426 Warsaw;

Store – online store at;

Work – picture, graphic, drawing, sculpture or other work of art offered for sale on the Store’s website;

Customer – a person with full legal capacity, legal person or entity without legal personality but having legal capacity, making the purchase in the store;

Materials – all content and images posted on the Store website;

Registration – creating an account by the Customer by providing the personal details (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address) or the details of a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality (name, address, phone number, email address, tax identification number) and choosing a password needed to use the Store;

Shopping Cart – Store functionality for selecting and adding the offered products works to the Order;

Order – addition of products available at the Store works to the Cart and confirmation of the willingness to purchase by clicking on the link sent by the Store by e-mail;

Delivery address – an address that the Customer provides the Store with as the place of Orders delivery;

Forms of Payment – methods of payment for the Order placed with the Store: bank transfer, credit card, payment by PayU service, payment by cash on delivery or cash at the headquarters of the Gallery;

Delivery Methods – methods of Order delivery to the Delivery Address indicated by the Customer;

Bank Account – Company’s Bank Account Number:

- For payments in PLN:

28 2030 0045 1110 0000 0284 0440 BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A.IV O/Lublin

- For payments in EUR:

PL 58 2030 0045 3110 0000 0032 3630 BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A.IV O/Lublin



§2 General provisions

1. These Regulations specify the rules for the use of the Store, placement of Orders for the Works, delivery of the ordered products to the Customer, Customer payment for the Orders, Customer’s right to cancel the Order and withdraw from the agreement, and the rules for the submission and processing of complaints.

2. Using the Store is free of charge.

3. We accept no liability for any interference, including breaks in the functioning of the Store due to force majeure, unauthorized acts of third parties or incompatibility of the Store with the Customer's technical infrastructure.

4. Viewing Gallery offers does not require registration, however, placement of an order is possible only after the Customer registration.

5. The Store guarantees that all works offered are original, acquired directly from the artist’s studio.

6. Prices shown on the Store website are gross prices and they include VAT.

7. The Store presents images of original Works, however, colors presented in the Store may vary slightly from actual, depending on the technical parameters of the Customer’s display panel.

8. To view the Store, access to the Internet, web browser and acceptance of Privacy Policy are needed.

§3 Order Placement

1. The Customer may view the range of products at the Store and place orders 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

2. Adding Work to Cart allows for starting the process of Order placement, during which the Customer:

- provides the Delivery Address;

- selects confirmation of purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice (after providing the company name and tax identification number when registering);

- selects the form of payment;

- selects the Delivery Method;

- accepts the provisions of the Regulations;

- confirms the Order.

3. Placing an order constitutes acceptance of the use of personal data provided in the order form, to the extent necessary to perform the order in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

§ 4 Payments

1. The Customer may choose most convenient method of payment:

- by bank transfer – the Store shall generate and send a proforma invoice by e-mail based on which Customer shall pay for the Order; the invoice shall also be available on the My Account page the Store;

- by a credit card – the Customer shall be redirected to a secure, encrypted site of the operator and complete the data required to make the payment;

- payment by PayU – the Customer shall be redirected to a secure, encrypted page of the bank of their choice through which the payment for the order shall be made;

- payment in cash at the headquarters of the Gallery – the Customer shall makes payment in cash at the headquarters of the Gallery at 26 Stalowa St. in Warsaw.

2. After selecting the Form of Payment the Customer shall be obliged to pay for the Order within 3 working days - after this deadline the Store reserves the right to cancel the order.


§ 5 Delivery Conditions

1. Works ordered from the Store with delivery address within European Union shall be dispatched via courier within three business day after the payment has credited the account of the Company.

2. The Customer is required to view the contents of the shipment in the presence of the courier in order to check whether the transport is not damaged.

3. Works that have irregular dimensions or the delivery address outside the European Union ordered from the Store shall be delivered by courier or own transport of the Gallery, after consultation by phone or e-mail of detailed costs and delivery time with the Gallery employee.

4. The Store also offers an option of personal collection of Works from the Gallery during business hours Mon.-Fri. 12:00–19:00; Weekends 12.00-17.00.


§ 6 Implementation of the Orders

1. Implementation of the orders shall take place after:

- in the case of payment by bank transfer, after the Company account has been credited with due amount;

- confirmation of payment by the service supporting credit cards and PayU service;

- depositing the cash directly at the cashier office of Gallery STALOWA;

2. The Orders are executed within three business days of receipt of payment for the Order with the exception of Works referred to in § 5 section 3.

3. In the case the delivery address, or other order items could indicate submission of false order, and there is no way of telephone or e-mail order confirmation, the Store reserves the right not to implement the Order.

4. As requested by the Customer, the Store shall issue a VAT Margin invoice for the ordered Work.


§7 Cancellation of the Order and termination of the Agreement

1. The Customer has the right to cancel the Order within 48 hours of its submission, and after it is paid until it has been transferred to the shipping company. To do this, the Customer should contact the Gallery by phone at + 48 22 380 34 43.

2. The Customer has the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement concluded with the Store, within 14 days of Order receipt without giving any reasons, however, in such a situation the Customer shall be obliged to return the ordered Work at his own expense, intact, after informing the Store about withdrawing from the purchase (Attachment 1) by e-mail to: In such a situation the Store shall return the amount paid for the Work to the Customer's bank account within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the Order return.


§ 8 Complaints and Replacement

1. Complaints may refer to Works damaged during transport after execution of damage report in the presence of the courier delivering the shipment.

2. In other matters related complaints the Customer should contact the Gallery employee at + 48 22 380 34 43.

3. Complaints related to discrepancies in colours presented on the website shall not be considered.

4. Replacement of ordered Works is possible after consultation with the Gallery employee at + 48 22 380 34 43, but only if the replaced objects are intact and unchanged and the value of new Order is higher or equal to the previous one.

§ 9 Final Provisions

1. The Store shall make every effort to keep the information presented on the up-to-date.

2. In matters not covered herein, the provisions of the Polish law shall apply, applicable to the operation of an online store, in force in the Republic of Poland, and especially the Civil Code and the Act on the specific conditions of consumer sale and amending the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141 of 2002 item 1176) and the Law on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products.

3. Personal data are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2016/679 and Privacy Policy.

4. The Store staff shall try to resolve any disputes in favour of the Customer, subject to the procedures established by these Regulations.

Attachment 1 - Statement of withdrawing from off-site purchase>

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