STALOWA Art Gallery acknowledges and respects the users' right to privacy. Below, please find information detailing how we collect, process and use information that concerns the users of and how we ensure that personal information of the users is protected by appropriate technological measures.

Processing personal information and data of users visiting services on

Personal data mean all data that concerns an identified or identifiable individual. All personal data are collected, stored and processed in data base in line with the bill of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal information and the bill of 18 July 2002 on providing electronic services. Personal data are shared voluntarily, however, in order to open Customer's account and use of all functionalities offered by the services on, the user is required to provide email address. Data provided is protected against third parties' access, they are used by STALOWA Art Gallery only for the purpose of contacting users, part of specific service offered, for instance, delivery of orders.

Personal Data Administrator

The Administrator of personal data:

  • P.W. Solo Krzystof FabijaƄski
  • Wojciechowska 55 St.
  • 20-704 Lublin, Poland
  • NIP (tax identification number) 712-005-03-00

and STALOWA Art Gallery operated by the aforesaid company, with the seat at 26 Stalowa St. in Warsaw.

The purpose of processing personal data

Personal data are collected, stored and used by STALOWA Art Gallery with the permission of the persons that they concern, in line with the law and appropriate procedures, and in a way that guarantees their safety. The Administrator may use personal data only for the purpose of ensuring appropriate support for the users of services offered by

Right to access, correct and remove the content of one's personal data

User has the right to access and correct personal data provided to STALOWA Art Gallery through the panel My Account (upon completion of the procedure verifying user's identity, which includes providing password). In order to completely remove email address, which is the equivalent of removal of Customer's profile, it is necessary to send an email with request to unregister from the Gallery's data base.

Personal data processing protection

Collected set of personal data is handled as highly secure data base and stored on the server protected against remote (IT) and physical access. Moreover, anyone processing data for the purpose of services offered by shall be equipped with appropriate authorisation issued by the personal data administrator in line with article 37 of the bill on personal data protection.

Sharing personal data

Data Administrator shall not disclose (sell or lend in any other way) to any third parties any personal data of the users of

Processing other data of users of services offered by

As part of the services offered by, we also collect information included in the system logs (e.g. IP address). They are used for technical purposes connected with administrating our servers, operating online auctions or creating anonymous traffic stats.

Protected transmission

Sensitive data - in particular, all kind of passwords - shall be sent via encrypted SSL protocol.


In order to ensure correct functioning of services offered by, we use cookies, files saved on the user's drive. They help to recognise revisiting user and to collect information on how the user used given service, i.e. categories visited, materials watched and the way they were reached. Collecting the aforesaid information helps to better fit our offer to the users' needs. Data collected with the help of cookies are used for:

1. supporting user's registration - they help to recognise the user correctly after authorisation process is completed;

2. operating online auctions.

At any time, the user may disable cookies by selecting appropriate option in the browser's settings. However, it is worth noting that cookies are responsible for remembering user's settings in Gallery's services.

Other web sites

On our websites we also publish links to external websites. With regard to external websites, personal data and content published by those websites is the responsibility of the entities operating thereof.

Safety guarantee

STALOWA Art Gallery guarantees that the personal data of the users stored in the data base of shall be appropriately protected. Appropriate protection measures, consistent with high technological standard and the current law applying to protection thereof, ensure full safety of all information that concerns personal data of users. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact STALOWA Art Gallery at + 48 22 380 3443.