General terms:

1. The organizer of STALOWA Art Auctions is STALOWA Art Gallery with the seat at ul. Stalowa 26, 03-426 Warszawa owned by Krzysztof Fabijański who runs his business under the name P.W. Solo Krzysztof Fabijański, ul. Wojciechowska 55, 20-704 Lublin, NIP (tax identification number) 712-005-03-00, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer. Bank acc. no.: PL 58 2030 0045 3110 0000 0032 3630 Bank BNP Paribas, SWIFT CODE: PPABPLPK.

2. Subject to the Auction shall be the works of art commissioned from the authors, current owners or owned by STALOWA Gallery. According to the declaration made by the aforementioned persons, the works are free of any legal and material defects, and not subject to any third parties rights.

3. The Auction is conducted in compliance with the Polish law.

4. Dates and way of conducting the auctions (just on-line or mixed auction: gavel and on-line auction in real time) shall be set out by the Organizer and published on the following website:

5. On-line auction shall be conducted through the Organizer's auction service Mixed auction shall be conducted at STALOWA Art Gallery’s seat (Warsaw, 26 Stalowa St.) along with the on-line option available on

6. Organizer shall have the right to withdraw the work of art from the Auction without providing the reason.

7. Organizer shall not collect a deposit.

8. Starting price of each work of art shall be determined by the Organizer and published in the auction materials. Unless the Organizer sets forth differently, diptychs, triptychs and polyptychs shall be one auction item.

9. Minimum outbid shall be 50.00 PLN, beyond 1,000.00 PLN minimum outbid shall be 100.00 PLN, beyond 2,000.00 PLN minimum outbid shall be 200.00 PLN. Beyond 5,000.00 PLN minimum outbid shall be 500,00 PLN.

10. Participant shall not have the right to withdraw from the contract and abandon the purchase. Organizer shall have the right to take any necessary legal actions to collect the amounts due for the won auction.

11. Buyer shall receive a fiscal receipt or, upon request, a VAT Margin invoice.

12. The works that have been won and paid for should be collected in STALOWA Gallery's seat at 26 Stalowa St. in Warszawa (Monday - Friday 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.), however, no later than 20 days as of the end of Auction and it shall be available upon making payment for the won work of art plus the organizational fee amounting to 15%. Upon expiry of the aforementioned deadline, the purchased work of art shall be stored at the Buyer's risk and cost. Following Buyer's request, STALOWA Gallery shall send the work of art by courier company, charging an individually agreed fee.

13. After the Auction is closed, the participant who made the highest bid shall receive an email with an information about winning the auction and data concerning payment and collection of the work of art from STALOWA Gallery.



14. Works of art subject to Auction shall be presented in the STALOWA Art Gallery’s seat (Warsaw, Stalowa 26 St.) and in the catalogue of a specific Auction, whereby a link thereto shall be published on

15. In order to join the auction in the STALOWA Art Gallery’s seat (Warsaw, 26 Stalowa St.), participants shall be required to fill in registration form available there before the auction and obtain auction identification number. All personal data of the Participant shall be accessible only by properly trained employees of STALOWA Gallery.

16. In order to participate in the on-line auction, participants must open or have an account at Once the participant successfully logs in, he/she should click the "Registration" button, fill in all required fields in the form and accept the Rules and Regulations. The participant can set up bidding limits prior to Auction via Limits Tab.

17. In order to bid in real time, participant should log in and then go to the tab AUCTION. If the live auction has not started yet or has just been closed, the screen will display information that the auction is not available. In case of an active Auction, upon connecting (usually 2-3 seconds) an item that is being bid shall be displayed: photograph, name, short description, current price, current winner (Room, Internet, You). In order to submit the bid, click the large button "BID." After clicking, the price and information about the winning Participant will be changed.

18. Participant may predefine price limits for the items selected using the option Limits Card.

19. Participant who is unable to participant in the auction in person, may:

    • - notify the employees of STALOWA Gallery about the intention to purchase by calling +48 22 380 34 43 or +48 606 864 943 or sending an email to
    • - set purchase price limits for individual works consistent with item 18 thereof.

20. Organizer shall charge organizational fee amounting to 15% of the final price bid for the work.

21. Striking the gavel, the Auctioneer signals that the auction of work is closed and thus the Participant who offered the highest bid shall conclude purchase and sale contract with the Organizer. Participant shall not have the right to withdraw from the contract and abandon the purchase.

22. Auctioneer is entitled to settle any disputes and should it prove to be infeasible, he may put the work up for auction again.

23. Buyer shall become the owner of the auctioned work of art upon paying the full price offered during the Auction plus organizational fee amounting to 15%.

24. The following ways of payment shall be available:

  • - for persons participating in the Auction conducted in the STALOWA Art Gallery’s seat (Warsaw, 26 Stalowa St.), payment by cash or credit/debit card, directly after the end of Auction, whereby, full amount is paid. Should the participant express the intention to pay the amount on later date, he/she shall pay an advance covering 10% of the amount bid directly after the closing of the Auction. The remaining amount shall be paid by cash, debit/credit card or bank transfer within 7 working days as of the end of Auction.
  • - for persons participating in on-line Auction or bidding via telephone, by bank transfer within 7 working days as of the end of Auction or by cash or credit/debit card in the Organizer's seat at 26 Stalowa St. in Warszawa.

25. In order to ensure safety during logging, registration and on-line bidding, we always use SSL encrypted data transmission. Moreover, all data recorded in the database are encrypted and the system safeguards databases against the disclosure of any important information or third party access.

26. Once the bidding of the last item is closed, Auctioneer shall have the right, upon Participant's request, to put the items that failed be purchased during the original auction up for auction again. Participants of the on-line auction may do it by clicking the button Repeat available in the tab items List of the specific Auction.



27. The Auction shall be conducted via Organizer's website, on an auction platform that was specially designed for the purpose. All works of art subject to Auction shall be bid simultaneously.

28. Buyer shall not pay any additional auction fees to the Organizer. In order to take part in the Auction, participant needs to register at and accept terms of the Rules and Regulations.

29. Each purchase offer or outbid made 2 minutes before the planned end of Auction shall result in automatic extra time extending the Auction of a given work of art by another 5 minutes. Each new outbid made 2 minutes before the reset end of Auction shall again result in 5 extra minutes. The Auction of a work of art shall be deemed closed upon expiry of 5 minutes since the latest outbid with no offers of higher price.

30. STALOWA Gallery auction software shall automatically send emails to the Auction Participants informing them that their offer has been outbid along with the new price offered for the work of art by another Participant.