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Mileniusz Spanowicz (born 1962)

Mantis woman, 2018

pencil, paper

75 x 55 cm

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About the artist

Mileniusz Spanowicz (born 1962)

Mileniusz Spanowicz was born in Warsaw in 1962. Already in his childhood, when he was only seven years old, he received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Art for Talented People.
From the earliest years he is fascinated by nature and widely understood art. Since "always" he has been involved in drawing, then painting and photography.
Two passions, for nature and art, led to seemingly completely different curricula and studies.
Already during his studies, Milenius's works were presented and sold in one of the most famous galleries in Warsaw, Desa Victoria and beyond.

In 1989 he emigrated to the United States. In Chicago, where he spent his first years in the USA, he quickly integrated into the artistic community and achieved significant successes.
He also founded a family in Chicago. He is the father of two daughters, now adults.

He has always travelled a lot.
His fascination with nature came back with double force when he found himself in Bolivia. Charmed by the Amazon, the Andes, the ancient and contemporary cultures of South America, he decided to live in Bolivia, where he still lives today. He organized and conducted several dozen expeditions to the wildest regions of the Amazon. The fruit of these expeditions is priceless photographic documentation, especially concerning the National Park of Madidi. It is worth mentioning that with his photographs he "discovered" previously unknown species.
Among many international publications with pictures of Milenius we find the album edition of the book "Madidi". This is the first such photographic documentation of the Bolivian jungle. It is worth mentioning that the album, with an introduction by the former President of Bolivia, Carlos Mesa, has been included in several significant library collections. In 2018, on the occasion of the visit to the Vatican of the representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Pope Francis received the album as a gift. Sir David Attenborough has it in his collection.

Now we can notice, by the way, a serious return to artistic creativity, which has been announced for some time by Milena Spanowicz himself, and which is brewing in drawing as a mature and perfect form of his own pressure - "pencil painting".

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