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Walenty Gabrysiak (1920 - 2013)

Phrase, 1969

own technique, paper

69.50 x 50 cm

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About the artist

Walenty Gabrysiak (1920 - 2013)

The work of Walenty Gabrysiak, after all these years they come out of the shadows, most of his life, he spent in his own world surrounded by his art. He was an peculiar artist, so up-to-date nowadays. At one side, his paintings didn’t lose any freshness, and on the other hand, they’re very original, they’re a representation of their times, perfect exemplification of art and the philosophy of that time. Gabrysiak in one of his last intervievs said: “Everything has roots in nature, I’m only interpreting it, and the form creates the content.” - Sławomir Rogowski, Ph.D.
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