Mileniusz Spanowicz - Pencil painting

Mileniusz Spanowicz - Pencil painting

17 July 2019 - 31 July 2019

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Milenius Spanowicz believes in art in its symbolic sense, in a picture which is a means to release imagination, but also in art as a method of self-knowledge. His drawings are also an emotional record of his own thoughts and anxieties, a way to record his own visions. In his works one can find echoes of symbolic painting, he is also close to the figurative search of surrealists: deformation, a certain verismo, a tendency to biological forms, and in the atmosphere of his works - existentiality. The artist combines surrealist mood with clarity of drawing and composition. His works are sincere, sensual, sometimes even obsessive, some works are saturated with eroticism. We find nothing in them that can be treated as a superficial imitation, because he created his own poetics and easily recognizable style. The artist closes his fascinations and anxieties in a drawing, and despite the whole dramaturgy of the performances, he is rather inclined to romantic and somewhat lyrical moods. In these works one does not feel horror (although they oscillate in the space of pessimism), rather a certain mystery and aura of melancholy, sometimes they contain elements of grotesque and humour. His works do not impose direct associations, they are open to interpretations - precisely because of this understatement and the mystery they contain. Spanowicz seeks a new expression for known content, but more often he creates his own worlds, based on a separate logic and law, where not everything is obvious and literal. The originality and virtuosity of his works are astonishing. He treats drawing as a technique seriously - as a final artistic form. His works are characterized by perfect workmanship, he is able to render both the matter of objects and their plasticity and structure, and he also operates perfectly with light. He skillfully uses the possibilities of drawing. An extraordinary and unique effect is achieved through surprising juxtapositions of figures and objects, changing the scale and relations between them. In his works he does not moralise, he creates living and suggestive worlds.

Wojciech Zmorzyński

Qadrans Qltury: 18.07.2019 (Pencil painting:10:20-11:55)