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Arkadiusz Karapuda (born 1981)

No change on the Vistula, 2014

gouache, paper

50 x 70 cm

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About the artist

Arkadiusz Karapuda (born 1981)

Arkadiusz Karapuda was born in Żyrardów in 1981. He studied at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2002-2007), graduating with honors under the supervision of Professor Marek Sapetto (2007). His output includes over twenty individual exhibitions and more than one hundred and twenty collective exhibitions. In 2018, he completed his Ph.D. in fine arts and now works as a university professor at the Faculty of Painting of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where he runs the Drawing Studio for first-year students (since 2017). In addition, he has also served as the Vice Dean responsible for Science and Research there (2016-2019). Currently, he lives and works in Warsaw.
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