Defina Olkowicz-Korczak
Defina Olkowicz-Korczak
A graduate of the Gerson Secondary School of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 2002 she defended her diploma work with a specialization in exhibitionism. In 2006 she received a Bachelor's degree at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in graphic design. Then, continuing her education at the Academy in 2010-2012, she received a Master of Arts degree at the Faculty of Graphic Design and Painting.
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Delfina Olkowicz - Korczak graduated from the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She is also a graduate of the Wojciech Gerson State High School of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Art has always been a part of her life. She creates by combining painting and printmaking. Thematically she touches many issues. However in her paintings there often appears the theme of love and values such as freedom. For many years she found inspiration in the dynamics and uniqueness of vintage cars. At every stage of her work, under the cover of figurativeness, she puts symbolism, which gives her paintings a deeper meaning.
In 2012, her works took part in the "2012 Yearbook" exhibition of the best graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
The artist showed her works for the first second time in 2014 at an exhibition specially organized in the Motoserc charity rally. The exhibition "Passion, Speed and Freedom" was a reflection of her love for passionate and courageous people.
For many years she participated in the Young Art Auctions cooperating with the biggest auction houses in Poland: Desa Unicum, Polswiss art, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny and also Stalowa Gallery.
In April 2018, Aperia design gallery exhibited the Artist's works in the modern space of Q22 in Warsaw. The series of canvases "Unity" was a depiction of love. Painting combined with elements of Japanese poetry was an emotional record of her own feelings. Each canvas has a poem written on the front. A haiku is an unrhymed, three-line poetic miniature with a syllabic arrangement of 5-7-5. Classical haiku was meant to be a description of a fragment of nature viewed and an author's reflection. In contrast to the original premise of the haiku, the Artist retained only the structure of writing a poem. She replaced the subject of nature with her own feelings and emotions.
August 2018 resulted in the painting exhibition "Water and tropic" at Aperia design gallery. The element of rippling water and contrasting tropical colors became the main theme of the Artist's paintings. The motif of horses in water is particularly characteristic of this period of art. The paintings refer to the possibilities we can achieve if we overcome our own limitations in being creative and begin to see new horizons.
2019 opened with the exhibition "Horizons" at the Infiniti Center in Warsaw.
June 2019 opens with a solo exhibition at Aperia design art gallery. "Moment" includes works brought from the Belgian project. The motif of the child and dreams connect the canvases with colorful birds.
Her works belong to collections and private collections in Poland and abroad including Brussels and London.



Defina Olkowicz-Korczak

Flash, 2020

acrylic, paste, canvas
100 x 81 cm

price: 4 500 zł

3 riders, 2013

acrylic, canvas
100 x 120 cm