Ref. no 4474

Bartosz Czarnecki (born 1988)

Hyacinthe Rigaud - Ludwik XIV, 2023

oil, canvas

210 x 150 cm

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About the artist

Bartosz Czarnecki (born 1988)

This is a new cycle in which I copy still lifes painted by Willem Claesz Heda. I want to draw attention to the problem of reproduction. The reproduced image, e.g. in the painter’s album is not a painting. It becomes a printed copy on a printer. The inspiration is for me printing technologies, thanks to which the image is applied to paper. These are mechanical methods using specific colours and techniques. I do not paint a copy of a painting, I paint a picture from reproduction. I chose the subject of still life because I wanted a painting that I copy to be associated with classical painting. I chose still lifes of the Dutch master but I also consider other subjects. I want the content which is reproduced to be more important than the topic of still life itself. I painted only a few works in this series, so I cannot say yet how it will develop.
Bartosz Czarnecki
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